2 Great Apps for User Management in Salesforce

If you’ve had a chance to read my other articles including “How to Create Permission Sets in Salesforce” and the follow up to that “How to Create Org Wide Permission Sets in Salesforce” than you will know that user management in Salesforce has evolved further over the past year.

Even though, over the last few years Salesforce has done a lot to improve user management with the addition of permission sets and org wide permission sets there are still a number of rock solid and customer favored apps on the App Exchange, Salesforce.com’s trusted cloud computing marketplace that will rock your world when it comes to user management!

Today I wanted to talk about just 2 of them, “The Permissioner” and “Draggin’ Role”, and talk about how they can be used to improve user management in Salesforce.

The Permissioner – Permission Sets Made Easy

Provider: Arkus

Cost: Free

Possibly a take on the popular movie franchise, this app delivers a way to manage permission sets in mass.  What this means is that you can mass assign or revoke permission sets to multiple users quickly and easily using a simple interface instead of the hassle of managing users through multiple screens for each permission set you are assigning or revoking users on.  Naturally this is one of the frustrations of doing it natively in Salesforce today so its really great to see this functionality being offered for free on the AppExchange.

Check It Out!

Draggin’ Role

Provider: Qandor

Cost: Free

This App is an oldie but a goodie!  Developed nearly 6 years ago its one of those fundamental Salesforce admin apps that everyone should see at least once for a few reasons.  The first reason is that you can use it to setup a role hierarchy in Salesforce to enforce a data access model for your organization.  The second reason is that you can use the drag and drop functionality to assign users to different roles.  For those of  you who are new to Salesforce administration this is a great app that can remove some of the heavy lifting from user management in Salesforce that exists currently.

Check It Out!

Whether you are a seasoned Salesforce admin or a newly minted one these apps should help you with the more tedious parts of managing users, their roles and profiles and any permission sets in Salesforce.  I hope that those apps make your life administering changes in Salesforce a little bit easier.


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