3 Things that Great Affiliate Marketing Managers Do

When you are choosing an affiliate marketing program there are lots of “okay” or “good” affiliate marketing programs but what is it that make some of the rare few great affiliate marketing programs?  Well to be honest it has almost nothing to do with the products, commissions and payouts because with a great affiliate marketing manager at the helm the sky is the limit.  The true top performers in affiliate marketing do at least 3 things very well which we will get to in a minute.  First, for those of you looking for affiliate marketing programs to join once you’ve figured out that the affiliate marketing program pays well, has content and banners to place on your site the next thing to be considerate of is what kind of support the affiliate marketing manager provides in terms of support

Produce Valuable Newsletters!

By producing valuable and informative newsletters for their affiliate marketers an affiliate marketing manager can enable and help affiliate marketers that sell their products to be more educated about the products, the company and tips and tactics to increase conversion of their products.  All of which usually spells more and more sales but it also means that you’ll be able to rapidly grow your affiliate marketing channel and help your affiliate marketers which will have them coming back for more.  Let’s have a look at an example of an affiliate marketing newsletter (names and products have been changed but the structure is a winning one)

Dear Affiliate,

     I just wanted to touch base as we have seen very little activity in your account since you have joined our program. I also wanted to give you some tips on what we feel will help you bring more traffic and convert.

1) Targeted site- if your site doesn’t target our niche market then I would suggest creating a site that does or at least a section of your site dedicated to this. To convert in our industry from a non-targeted site is almost impossible.

2) Targeted content- make sure your content is targeted to the audience that is looking to buy our product. This means advice, education about the product and other types of articles as well.

3) Sell online buying – convince your viewers with good copy that they can save lots of money by buying our product online. This includes creating a guide on how to buy online.

4) Review our website or a number of online vendors explaining why our site is the best place to buy online. Convincing copy with links goes much further than just banner ads.

5) Make sure you tweak your content so it is optimized for the keywords you want to target.

You are more than welcome to reach out to me so we can work on more site specific ideas. I would be happy to provide you with a list of some “good affiliate sites” which should give some more ideas on the right keywords and content to target.

Best Regards,

Your Affiliate Marketing Manager

As you can see the affiliate marketing manager has provided tips, ideas and use cases to help their affiliate marketers sell the product with proven tactics in a simple and easy to digest format.  No complex “techie talk” just plain and simple information and education on how to effectively market products as an affiliate marketer.

Highlight Top Selling Affiliate Products!

Now that we’ve discussed newsletters and their effectiveness let’s focus on one particular piece of information that will have your affiliate marketers sing your praises.  Most affiliate programs unfortunately don’t tell you what is the best selling product for the company which is not only counter-intuitive but a sign that they really don’t want to make more money.  Here is an example of how you might go about wording this to your affiliate marketing audience…

Top 5 Selling Products
Here is a list of our 5 top selling products which include…  

1. Product X – Bestseller!

2. Product Y

3. Product Z

4. Product !

5. Product #

Click here to check out our Top 5 products for December 2011 and let us know what you think! 

As you can see by highlighting the products that have sold it tells motivated affiliate marketers what is selling and where to focus in terms of products on their sites.  Which is a true “win – win” situation for the affiliate marketing manager and their affiliate marketers.

They Help to Make Their Affiliate Marketers Better!

The best affiliate marketing managers understand that in order to empower their affiliate marketers they need to educate them about their products and make them, their websites and communications better.  When I say better I mean to say that they help them to become better affiliate marketers of their products, they provide strategic insight into running better promotions of their products and they make themselves available to affiliate marketers.

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