3 Ways to Convert More Leads on Your Website!

The goal of any website is usually to get people to do something.  It’s called by some people “getting people to act” through one or a series of actions.  These “actions” you want people to take may vary from buying a product, downloading a sample or white paper or even as simple as getting someone to contact you using phone, email, chat or some other means of communication.

Today I am going to discuss how you can add the ability to convert leads on your website in a number of ways including web forms, by phone or email and automated lead generation with the use of a web form and a CRM system.  Depending on the type of online website you are running you may find this article in figuring out ways that you can add lead conversion tactics to your business’ website which will allow you to drive more business.  So, without any more stalling lets being talking about lead conversion on your website.

As I talked about before, lead conversion means that you action your audience to convert when they are on your website.

Contact Pages

When I talk about contact pages i am talking about a web page where people visiting your website can go, click on a hyperlink coded with your email address which then pops up an email window where you can write your email and click “send”. This is the “old school” way of generating leads off of your website because it isn’t automated, your ability to collect accurate information about your customers or contacts is greatly impacted short of using a pencil and a piece of paper and quite frankly not many people running an online business or website use this today.

Web Forms

A simple web form can do a lot for your business if it’s created right.  Most times these forms can an email account or an email list building service like MailChimp or Aweber that can do things like send out auto-responses and can be programmed to do more complex things like sending additional auto-responses based on interests the user has indicated and the ability to segment people in the list further.  For most small businesses this is a great option because it’s pretty inexpensive and easy to get it up and running.

Web to CRM (Lead) forms

Again the concept is similar to web forms; however where it differs is when you integrate your website with a CRM tool like SalesForce.com, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM vendors.  You can basically integrate your website with the CRM system at your company to collect leads.  This gives you greater reporting ability, the option of creating and running dashboards and much more management over the collection of information from your website.  Most small businesses may not find a use for the web2lead form especially if they don’t currently use a CRM system.

What the web form looks like on your website


What the information looks like when its collected in a CRM application


As I’ve written about before WordPress-to-Lead is a great plugin to use if you use SalesForce.com CRM to collect your leads into but there are many different types of extensions, plugins and custom coding depending on your needs and the systems you want to integrate your website with.  Let me know if there are ones you want me to cover here on the Website Experts blog.

Whether you are a “mom and pop” type of business with one or a couple of employees or you have a office with hundreds of employees there are solutions to fit your needs when it comes to lead conversion on your website.  The only question is choosing a solution and how you want to optimize it for your business needs.


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