5 Ways To Handle Any Customer Like a Pro

Chances are if you run your own business or you work in a business you have to work with customers.  Like it or not customers are the life blood of any business…. are they?  Well, hell yes they are!  Without customers their would be no sales and without sales there is no business.

Having worked with customers over the past 8 years now I’ve learned a few tactics that go a long way in not only establishing relationships with customer but also allow you to do things like build trust, set solid and attainable expectations and the opportunity to learn about your business through the eyes of your customer.

I wanted to give you 5 ways that you can do all those things so that when it comes to you or your business you’ll be ahead of the curve in talking to and working with your customers.

1. Communicate Clearly

Most of the problems that exist in the world today in some part are the issue of poor communication and the same goes when dealing with customers.  In order to make sure that any relationship you have with a customer is a success make sure you talk to them clearly and transparently and you might just be surprised

2. Don’t Lie to Me!

This may almost sound too easy and you might be saying to yourself “I’d never lie to my customers” but the truth and what I am getting at here is that in deciding not to lie, withhold information or otherwise act in a way that is deceptive with your customers can make the dialogue very transparent and gives people the right to trust you because let’s face it… when we lie or keep people in the dark in our personal lives it usually has a way of killing that relationship.

3. Be Realistic

Don’t promise everything when you talk to your customers.  If you set the expectation between them and your business the result is almost always successful.  Many businesses try to give everything to their customers but this is a bad idea because more times then not you’ve set the bar so high the only place to go is down.

4. Listen!

If you don’t take the time to listen to your customers sometimes it stands to reason that they won’t be yours.  Listening not only gives your customers the right to be heard but it also provides an opportunity to learn, to tweak your business and in the long run deliver more of what your customers want.  In the end, all great companies listen.

5. Do The Right Thing

A lot of times it seems like companies are free from having a moral compass by which to navigate their decisions even though those decisions are ultimately made by people.  By using that moral compass when making decisions including ones that involve customers its what I like to think of as acting with integrity and if you act with integrity in your decision making process then seldom will you ever make a big mistake because you choose to “do the right thing” in the face of what everyone else might say.

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