5 Ways to Kick More Butt Selling Using Shopify

Shopify recently released 5 more features to help ecommerce store owners sell more products, understand your store’s performance through analytics and build your own reports and help reach out to customer that abandon carts on your Shopify store.  Keep in mind that some of these new features are not available on all versions of Shopify right now so I am going to break it down by the versions you can find these features in specifically.

  1. Abandoned Checkout (Cart) Recovery
  2. Shopify Reports
  3. Advanced Report Builder
  4. Unlimited Email Forwarding
  5. Future Publishing

Abandoned Checkout Recovery (Available on Professional and Unlimited plans only)

Now you might think that this is already available in Shopify but the truth is that you can only view shopping cart abandonment and you can’t do anything about it until now.  Now, you can actually do something when someone abandons a cart on your Shopify store assuming that they’ve added their contact information.  From there you can decide whether to automate the outreach process on abandoned shopping carts or manually review and do this one by one.  It depends the volume of transactions that take place on your store on a daily basis but in doing this it does mean that you have an opportunity to close more business by going back to customers that were interested enough to start the checkout process.

Shopify Reports (Available on Professional and Unlimited plans only)

Shopify reports allow you to see a number of things at a glance, specifically…

  •  Report on products, orders and payments
  • Measure sales by amount or count of products sold
  • See which products are selling on your Shopify store and which ones aren’t
  • report historically month to month on sales

For those of you who still aren’t impressed than you will want to check out the advanced report builder in the next section that allows you to do some more advanced analytics.

Advanced Report Builder (Available on Unlimited plans only)

If you are looking to take your Shopify reporting to the next level the advanced report builder allows you to do that by building out more custom reports.  It really takes off where standard Shopify reports end allowing you to drill into the specifics of the data on your Shopify store.  Keep in mind that you will only start to see this when you upgrade to an unlimited plan with Shopify.

Unlimited Email Address Forwarding (Available on all plans)

This concept is simple.  In a lot of cases today you might have multiple email addresses for different inquiries like Sales, billing, general and more.  What if you are really a one man or woman operation? What if you manage all the requests for your company’s business?  Being able to forward and funnel all requests to one email is sometimes a neccessity because you don’t want to constantly check 5 different email addresses and having the unlimited email address forwarding can help solve for this problem.

Future Publishing (Available on all plans)

This in my mind is simply the ability to schedule a blog post, product, page or collection on your Shopify store in the future.  The interesting thing here is the concept that it serves.  If you have a product you are launching than being able to schedule it to go live on your ecommerce site is very very useful.

It’s important to keep in mind that depending on your online business model that not all of these features will benefit you so finding the right fit of technology for your business should be the overall goal to ensure you are using the right technology.  For instance, not everyone will benefit from the advanced report builder functionality so keep this in mind when you look at Shopify monthly plans to buy what you will consume and use.

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