5 Ways to Tell That An Affiliate Marketing Program Isn’t For You

This article is meant to help you think further when choosing an affiliate marketing program. There are tons of affiliate marketing programs out there today. Some of which are good, others are simply “okay” and a lot of them suck for a variety of reasons. I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing initiatives on this and other websites of the past few years and while there are a ton of benefits to using this business model to generate money it’s not without its share of issues. Today let’s discuss 5 ways to tell that an affiliate marketing program isn’t for you so that you can focus more of your time earning affiliate marketing income and avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong affiliate marketing program.

I’ve broken it down into 5 ways you can use to help in your decision to choose an affiliate marketing program to add another income stream to your website or web based business. I also provide these tips to business owners looking to get into affiliate marketing to promote their products and services to understand what will attract and what drives away affiliate marketers from bad affiliate marketing programs.

  1. Lots of Negative Feedback about the Product or Service – I’ve found from personal experience that negative feedback on products or services you promote can either help to boost sales because it’s what everyone is talking about or drive away sales because people don’t trust the product or service being promoted. I suggest doing some research about the company and their track record to narrow down your selection in products and services that you want to promote through affiliate marketing.
  2. Poor responses from the Affiliate Marketing Manager – When you are serious about an affiliate marketing program I’ve contacted the affiliate marketing manager to get a feel for what the business is about, what their best selling products are and a wide range of other questions. If you can’t get a hold of the affiliate marketing manager in a reasonable amount of time, move on. Don’t waste your time trying to get in touch with someone that doesn’t want to talk to you. There are plenty of great affiliate marketing programs with great affiliate marketing managers. Go and find them and do business with them solely.
  3. Low Commission Rates on Small Ticket Products and Services – It’s got to be worth your efforts as an affiliate marketing promoting a product or service so if you are getting 15% of a $9.99 sale it just might not be worth your time to promote it. You’ve got to be able to make decent money and with a lot of affiliate marketing programs returning higher commission rates on larger ticket products and services it just makes sense to avoid the small ones unless you know how you can make money with it.
  4. Products that don’t relate to the audience – If you are promoting an affiliate marketing program for mortgages and your website is about knitting and crafts it doesn’t make sense to try to promote products that aren’t related to the content that you website serve’s up to people. Chances are that if they came to your site for the latest knitting tips they would love to buy the best Swedish knitting needles and not a five year fixed term mortgage.
  5. Payout amount is too high or unattainable – Some affiliate marketing programs only allow you to get a payout when the amount owing is greater than a few hundred dollars. If you earn $10 a sale and your minimum payout is $200 you’ve got to understand that to get your money earned you better have a high conversion rate to see that money faster. Otherwise you run the risk of getting frustrated and not promoting their products and services because it’s too hard to reach that level. It’s interesting because it’s been my experience that the best affiliate marketing programs don’t have a minimum payout in place. You simply promote, get sales and earn commissions. End of story. So be cautious about this point especially.

Regardless of which affiliate marketing program you might choose remember to choose wisely because as I’ve said a few times in this article, there are plenty to choose from today all with their differences and some are better than others.

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