8 Ways To Disconnect From Technology

I know that I spend a lot of time writing about, reviewing, testing and using technology just like a lot of other people out there in the world today but I think that it’s important to disconnect from technology every once in a while. Today I wanted to give you 8 ways that you can disconnect from technology.

1. Turn off all mobile devices – It may seem obvious that turning off mobile devices can allow you to disconnect from the connected world but I figure that it makes sense to start with the easiest tip of all. Sometimes on weekends I forget my mobile phone at home and much to my surprise, not only do I find my way home but I realize that I really don’t miss out on anything important. Next time you want a little “Me Time” try this.

2. Start a “No Tech” night at your house – A “No Tech” night is just like creating an earth hour event with the except that it isn’t earth hour. Break out the board games, if it’s nice sit outside and reconnect with the people you love and this will quickly have you feeling better and more connected with your friends and family.

3. Autoresponders at work… They aren’t just for vacations anymore – Most people only use their out of office assistant when they go on vacation. Big mistake, Autoresponders don’t just allow people to receive email when you are on a vacation. What you can try (with the approval of your boss, of course) is setting up an autoresponder for when people email you, give them a few options depending on your job and manage it by checking email only certain times of the day.

4. Don’t fall asleep with your phone – My wife loves this one. As a guy who used to fall asleep next to his mobile phone my wife asked me to not bring the phone to bed at end and after a week I really didn’t miss not doing this. I slept better and I felt less anxious about the next day at work. Outside of that I am sure that it’s helping my marriage too :)

5. Set your hours of work (whether you are at home or in the office) – This is something that is constant in the world of work but today with the ability to work at home, work remotely and work outside of normal office hours the lines between personal time and work time are blurred. Setting your hours or work makes it easy to understand when you are available and when you are not available. The hardest thing is sticking to this given all the technology that’s available today but I am sure you can find an excuse that works for you.

6. Avoid Social Media – Social Media in moderation is a great tool but you don’t need to constantly check it. Next time you find yourself spending way too much time of Facebook just remember if you aren’t looking at anything important it’s probably time to turn it off.

7. Read the printed word… in books and magazines – I have the paper delivered weekly to my door and sometimes the best thing about a Saturday morning is opening the Toronto Star and reading through it with a cup of coffee. The same can be said for reading a good book and it’s a great escape from the daily binds of technology.

8. Get some light dimming stickers – When I saw these I thought it’s a great idea. With these stickers you can dim the light that some of those appliances that you have in your house or apartment have thus ending the question that comes to mind at 2 am in the morning “Why is that light so bright?” and allowing you to get some more sleep without bright flashing lights from your mobile phone flashing in the night. Check out LightDims if you are interested (and no I am not affiliated with them, I just think it’s a great idea!)

Like I’ve said before I enjoy technology, and who doesn’t? but with technology moving at such a fast pace and with it seeming like its taking over our lives at every turn I think it’s time we took back some time just to ourselves without the laptops, phones, tablets and countless other devices and with that I am publishing this article and turning off my computer to enjoy a weekend away from technology.

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