A few free things you can do to get your business on Google

I come across this question every time I meet a potential client.  It usually comes up during discussions about their website and there is usually a point on their list of things to talk about centered around Google.  The truth is that people know they should have their business on Google but they just aren’t sure of how to do this.  This brings me to my first thing you can do to get your business on Google…

Add your business listing to Google Local Business Center

I’ve recently discussed adding your business listing to Google’s new Local Business Center.  If you haven’t had a chance to read up about it then click here and read the article.  It allows for a bunch of great features including being able to add your business hours, coupons for people interested in your business to use and most importantly your own listing available on Google Maps.  It’s a very good thing since there seems to be a movement towards local search.  Global search is great but people want to use the internet to find what’s around them quickly and easily and Google is helping you do this.  Yahoo! has also launched its own local search component on the Yahoo! search engine.

Create a sitemap for your website

Creating a sitemap won’t only help you get onto Google; it will also help you get onto other search engines.  Having a sitemap as a part of your website helps the bots also known as “spiders” or “crawlers” better index your website.

Add your website and sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools

The second thing that you can do to add your business to Google is what is known as submitting your website.  The great thing is that you can tell Google to go look for your website and you can even give it your sitemap if you’ve got one so that Google can crawl through your website and index it faster allowing you to get your business on Google.

Using these tools and best practices can help you gain visibility on Google.  Of course if you have the money to do so then using Google Adwords can also help you gain further exposure but I thought I would stick to the free ways of getting on Google.

Now go get your business on Google!


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