A Few Reasons to Check Out BlackBerry Playbook Again

Lately I’ve been looking at getting a mobile device and in trying to make the move from a laptop to a tablet device I looked at a number of devices. Today the market for these devices is only growing with each day that passes. As a long time lover of new tech products and gadgets I must admit my first thought of the Blackberry Playbook was needless to say less than favorable.

I never thought that I would even be considering the Playbook until recently. With the release of the latest OS, the price drop (its not all about the money but that does help), integration with android apps and the android app market just to name a few got me to reconsider Blackberry’s Playbook. When I saw the following video I must say that this “cemented” my thoughts on picking one up. Have a look…

I really enjoyed this video because it highlighted more of the usability aspects of working with the Playbook versus an iPad. I know some iPad users who’ve said that the iPad is slow and I think this video shows that successfully plus a number of other factors. I will keep you posted as to when I finally pick one up and give you my final thoughts. Stay tuned!

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