A New Look Coming to Your LinkedIn Profile

After Facebook recently made it eventually mandatory to update profiles to the Facebook timeline it seems that LinkedIn is doing something similar. If you’ve logged into your LinkedIn account in the last little while you might have noticed an image and link to sign up for their new profile in LinkedIn.

The interesting thing about this besides the cool, new layout and break from the traditional stale white LinkedIn profile page is the fact that LinkedIn is making this (for the time being) a “by invitation only” type of launch. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like once you’ve requested an invitation for this feature.

Keep in mind that there has been no mention to date when this will go live on your LinkedIn profile or if this functionality will be automatically enabled at some point in the near future but it is interesting to see how LinkedIn is taking something that is so central to its style and appeal and giving it a fresh, new look. Please feel free to sign up here if you are interested!

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