Using a .ME Domain Name to Represent Yourself

When you are thinking of setting up a website for the first time it can be daunting to think of all the combinations of domain names that you have access to and what extension to choose.  Let’s look some of the advantages of choosing a .ME domain name and some popular reasons why a .ME domain name might benefit you over a standard .COM domain name when it comes to building your brand, business or creating your own personal website.

Giving your website a personal touch

If you are choosing a domain name for a personal website or you use your name in operating a business (Some popular examples are real estate agents, personal trainers, authors, small business owners, etc.) then a .ME domain name can be an excellent option it allows you create a more personal brand.

Domain Name Availability

When you are looking for a .COM domain name what you’ll notice a lot of times you are confronted when searching for a domain name is that the domain you want is taken by someone else.  In selecting a domain extension like .ME, you can be rest assured that the domain you want will most likely be available because they haven’t been as heavily picked over like .COM domain names.

How to choose a .ME domain name

There are number of ways that you can go about creating your own .ME domain name when you register it including using the following criteria when brainstorming and selecting your .ME domain name.

  • – This is a good option for a family looking to host a website for their family including creating email addresses for each family member with the domain name.
  • – If your name is your brand then this is a great option for people who want to host a portfolio of their work or create a personal blog or website.
  • – If you are looking to give your website or blog a catchy and interesting domain name that is available.
  • – If you can’t find your domain name available in a .com domain name using .me gives your company a more personal feel
  • or – Let’s say that you company sells a particular product or brand of products using the brand name or product name for your .ME domain name gives you a more personal way to relate your products and brands to people.

Whether or not you decide to use a .ME domain name to represent you online they can be highly useful and a good way to separate yourself from the crowd.

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