Product Review: Affiliate Royale for WordPress

Blair Williams, the creator of a few successful WordPress plugins including PrettyLink which I personally use and Mingle has received come up with another plugin product called “Affiliate Royale”. Affiliate Royale is an Affiliate Management plugin for WordPress and it allows you the ability to integrate WordPress in a way that you can create and run affiliate programs.

Affiliate Royale gives you the ability to host and run your own affiliate marketing program on your own without the hassles of third-party software hosting and charging you to use its software on a transactional basis.

Features of Affiliate Royale

Some of the unique things that are offered by Affiliate Royale as affiliate management software include…

  • Being able to host your own affiliate marketing program
  • The ability to create either single or multiple tier affiliate marketing programs
  • One time cost to purchase this software versus a transaction based affiliate marketing software
  • Integration with various shopping carts including Shopp, Cart66, PayPal, Wishlist and Authorize.NET and manual integration instructions for other shopping carts

Drawbacks of Affiliate Royale

Some potiential drawbacks of Affiliate Royale are…

  • You need to host the software on your server. This is not a third-party affiliate marketing solution
  • Only available in WordPress
  • You will need some level of technical knowledge to run affiliate marketing programs however you need this in the case of any affiliate program management software

Now that we’ve had a chance to cover some of the pluses and minuses about using Affiliate Royale as your affiliate program management software I want to show you what it can do from an administration perspective.

How to Administer Affiliate Royale to Run your Affiliate Marketing Program

I will break this down into two prime areas of discussion with respect to how to administer your affiliate marketing program including Statistics and Reporting and Managing Creative aspects of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Statistics and Reporting

If you are managing an affiliate marketing program then you are going to need ability to check out stats about how your affiliate marketers are doing selling your products or services. Affiliate Royale shows statistical information for your information in a simple and straight forward manner as shown below…

… What we can see is that for any given day we can see at a glance the number of clicks, the amount of corrections done on a certain day and the ability to see clicks versus unique versus sales converted on a specific day. Other important reports that you get with Affiliate Royale include Top Referrers which is a pretty standard report but it’s definitely a useful one, a log for transactions, Paying affiliates that are signed up to your affiliate marketing program and another simpler report for tracking and reporting clicks.

Managing Creative

The other important area of this product is the ability to manage creative aspects of your affiliate marketing program through banners and links. Affiliate Royale has a very simple user interface to upload, edit and create creative materials for your affiliate marketing needs. As you can see below even though it doesn’t wow you in terms of the overall looks it gets the job done in an easy to use way.

Overall for the money that you are going to spend on this affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress this is worthwhile if you are considering running your company’s own affiliate marketing program so check it out today.


  1. says

    Luc, thanks for the informative post.
    I am trying to browse the web and collect “true” reviews. Your post was the first one that didn’t have “buyme” link so I’m listening :-).

    This plugin is more expensive than others (as wordpress-mu-affiliate), and I wanted to ask you:
    Today I’m small – I’m using paypal and manual check exchange, very little traffic. Tomorrow I hope to grow.
    What affiliate program would you truely recommend ? is it Royale ? Other ?

    Thank you in advance,

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