All I Want For Christmas Is… a Tablet!

I know you probably thought that Mariah Carrey might burst out into song but no, sadly no that’s not the case.  I think its safe to say that most people were angling to get a Tablet for Christmas and whether its an iPad, Droid Tablet or dare I say a Windows 8 tablet it looks like a lot of people got exactly that.  Maybe you didn’t get that Tablet that you wanted for Christmas so I decided to put together my top picks for a tablet.

Well regardless of what you are interested in, tablets are changing everything.  not since the Internet became commercially available (for me that was at the age of 16) has there been such a shift in the way we do things.  So what are the tops picks for tablets this Christmas?  Lets have a look…

Apple iPad with Retina Display

I myself own an iPad with Retina display after getting one from work I decided to go out and buy one for myself.  Personally its just so easy to use and having never owned an Apple computer in the past I guess I didn’t know what I was missing but its truly my most favorite mobile device.

Naturally it comes with a number of cool features and you can read all about those on Apple’s website but what I like most of all is the following…

  • The number of apps available – There are new apps coming out everyday and with hundreds of thousands of apps already available, tested and ready to go its a “no-brainer” decision
  • Huge developer community – This really ties in with the point about about the number of apps available to you on an iPad but the fact that there are a number of developers already building for the iPad means that there will be lots and lots of development for the years to come
  • Supreme Touch functionality – when it comes to touch functionality this is what drives people to use a tablet.  The iPad has the best touch functionality around and this makes it a better experience when you pick one up and start to use it.

Before I bought the Apple iPad, I did consider getting the iPad mini but having already seen and used the retina display I decided to stick with the iPad.

Google Nexus

This is another solid tablet that is worth buying not just because Google made it in cooperation with Samsung but really that it unlocks a lot of the existing functionality that Google has at its disposal through their development and the mergers and acquisitions they’ve done over the years.

The Google Nexus is a strong contender against the iPad because of the HD quality of the screen, its hook in with the Google Play service and all the bells and whistles that you’ll find on most tablets out their today.  It does come in a 7″ and 10″ screen format versions if you are looking at tablets then the Google Nexus is worth consideration due to the quality of the tablet and the cost which is relatively cheaper then the iPad with a starting price of $399 for the 10″ Google Nexus and $199 for the 7″ Google Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

This is a great Android OS device and great choice for those of you looking for a tablet that isn’t Apple based and doesn’t have Google branding slapped all over it.  When I first saw one I remember thinking “That just looks cool!” and I must say that they are pretty cool.

A few things that make the Samsung Galaxy Tab a great all around tablet are

  • Similar functionality to an iPad without the iPad price – The fact that you can use this in a very similar way to the way that you use an iPad by controlling your TV via the touch interface, the ability to play movies using Google Play and countless other features makes it an equally good choice in a tablet
  • Access to the Android development community – Just like Apple has devotees for its iOS, so does the Android OS and the fact that a lot of talented and brilliant people are developing apps on this platform makes it easily as useful as working on an iPad

Between the Google Nexus, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab these are the best all around tablets out there today.  Happy Tablet Shopping!

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