An introduction to feedback analytics

Have you ever wanted to know what your customers are thinking when they come to your website, buy something from your ecommerce store or find out what they think of your software?  If you have, then allow me to introduce the concept of “Feedback analytics”.  Feedback Analytics are based on customer feedback and they aren’t your ordinary analytics because they give you a great deal of insight into the most important part of your business… your customers… you know the people who buy from your business every day.

So what kind of things can you improve with feedback?

When you understand the problems that your customers face with your website or software you can begin to understand how you can make improvements to your website or software.  That is the true beauty of feedback analytics.  Here are a few scenarios that feedback analytics can give you greater depth and insight into…

Having two or multiple versions of a website – Gaining insight into what your customers like and don’t like about your website when you are getting ready to make a change to your website can allow you to make a decision based on actual information allowing you to better predict the outcome.

Find out why customers are abandoning their shopping carts – Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers could tell you why they left your ecommerce website when they were checking out?  Feedback analytics can give you the power to ask the question “Why?” and give your customers a voice.

If you are looking to gain further insight into why and how people do what they do on your website then feedback analytics can take over where web analytics ends.  The real difference is that feedback analytics give true insight into why people did what they did.  Web analytics can accomplish some of this but feedback analytics can provide more insight into those unanswered questions.

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