App Review: Improved Contact Form by Improvely

Improved Contact Form - 01

Yesterday, I wrote about how to customize your own contact page which does require some level of technical knowledge and not to insult anyone reading this but sometimes its easiest if you can use an app to get it done.  So for those of you that don’t want to spend time creating a contact page and coding it this app review is for you.  I stumbled across an app called “Improved Contact Form” earlier today that promises customizable contact form fields among other things.  After you install the app and click on it you will be brought to a screen that looks like the one below and offers you not only the ability to add and remove and customize the form fields and change the style of the button that appears on your contact page and the ability to customize some page settings before and after the contact form.

Improved Contact Form - 02What I like about this contact form app is that you can select which elements you want to appear on your contact form with a series of checkboxes and text fields.  Another useful thing is that it records and shows the most recent email messages received in the app itself.  Now the app does allow you to do some custom coding before the form and after the form as you can see below.  Now I do caution against this if you are not comfortable with coding but if you are then I say “Go for it!”

Improved Contact Form - 03


What I didn’t like about using this app and what may keep you from using it is that you cannot add different types of fields or create new fields to appear on the contact page so if this is something you need from a contact page then you will need to look elsewhere.  Check out the “Improved Contact Form” on the Shopify app store today, download it and customize it for your Shopify store.  It will save you some time and give you a lot of the functionality you need in a good contact form with a few hidden surprises that will make your life easier.

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