How to Add a 3 Column Price Section in WordPress

3 column price section-01

Perhaps you run a business and have a website up and running but showcasing your pricing isn't always the easiest thing to do.  I wanted to show you an example of just how you can add a slick looking, multiple column price section to your website using WordPress, a StudioPress theme called "Altitude Pro" and some basic coding to get the job done. Once you've downloaded … [Read more...]

App Review: Improved Contact Form by Improvely

Improved Contact Form - 02

Yesterday, I wrote about how to customize your own contact page which does require some level of technical knowledge and not to insult anyone reading this but sometimes its easiest if you can use an app to get it done.  So for those of you that don't want to spend time creating a contact page and coding it this app review is for you.  I stumbled across an app called "Improved … [Read more...]

How to Create a Contact Page in Shopify

Shopify Contact Page

Shopify allows you to do a lot of things but sometimes its the simple things that are not clear. I wanted to show you one of those things today. Creating a contact form should be and Shopify does allow this functionality right out of the box. I am here to show you how to go about adding the default contact form to your Shopify store. When you log into your Shopify store go to … [Read more...]

Product Review: Design Palette Pro Plugin

Design Palette Pro-04

Design Palette Pro for Genesis is a Premium WordPress Plugin that you can buy for use with StudioPress' Genesis framework and some StudioPress Child themes.  This plugin really allows you a point and click interface to customize your own CSS without ever having to learn an once of code.  You can even do some advanced level modification of alignment, sizes, weights, colors, … [Read more...]

How to Use Jetpack To Create Forms in WordPress


Today's tip that I wanted to share is all about using another one of Jetpack's features to help you build and deploy forms on your WordPress site without needing to install another plugin just to have a contact form on your WordPress site... because that would be overkill, wouldn't it?  So, as I normally say the first step of any good WordPress tip is to install the plugin. … [Read more...]