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With Christmas behind us and the New Year upon us this is a time of year is usually a time to reflect on the things that happened in the past year.  Well this isn’t one of those blog posts that I am writing about today.  You’ve probably read enough of that content anyways.  While you are sipping the left over eggnog and eating week old Christmas cookies I wanted to ask you what is the best Christmas gift that you ever received?  This is an unusual diversion from the content that you normally read on this site but I think you’ll like it.

The best Christmas gift I ever received was a Contra Smith typewriter when I was a kid.  Coming downstairs on Christmas morning and seeing it by the chimney left me speechless.  My younger kid brother, Ryan, I am sure didn’t get it but to me this was the best gift I could ever receive at Christmas.  Keep in mind guys and girls, this was before the internet, before I had my own computer and before I even knew what blogging was.  I was a pretty creative kid always interested in creating art, design, creative writing (I was a terrible speller when I was a child and had to really work at it) and other various ventures.

I was shy and awkward as a pre-teen and writing was one outlet that I used and receiving that typewriter was amazing.  I would spend nights typing away on the keys, listening to music and creating writing.  It was magical.  Okay, I admit it I was what people call a “Nerd” and these days I don’t mind that but at the time I did.  Getting this typewriter was amazing as a kid and even though these days I do all my work from a laptop it taught me how to type, how to edit what I write and how to write creatively.  What was the best Christmas gift that you’ve ever received?

Happy New Years to Everyone out there and see you in 2012!

Luc Arnold


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    This is a sweet story, and it brought up some good memories. Kids of today can’t fathom that you had to put paper and ribbon into the machine….and correcting mistakes often required a small bottle of white liquid….and if you decided that you wanted to rearrange paragraphs or sentences, you had to retype the entire page. During college, I worked as a researcher for a grad student. I had a key to the department typing room, and was able to use the fancy electric typewriters after hours. I thought this was really hot stuff.

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