How to Add a Call-to-Action Button on your Facebook Page

Facebook page button add 01

If you have a Facebook page setup than chances are that you use it to do a number of things from posting content and sharing articles to selling to your customers directly.  One sometimes under utilized feature is its "Button" which is really a call to action button and if you aren't using it you are losing out on potential sales, inquiries and customers.  A call to action is a … [Read more...]

How to sell on Facebook using Shopify

Sell on FB using Shopify 02

Shopify has been doing a lot of work to advance how people can sell using their platform.  The concept that they recently introduced is called "Sales Channels" that allows you to sell various ways in Shopify. The concept of a sales channel isn't new but its a refreshing take on how Shopify is setup to help you sell your goods and services through various channels, Facebook … [Read more...]

Coming Soon – Publishing Posts on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has been working on allowing its user base to write and publish posts that are tied to your profile under a posts section.  Lately I've seen a number of my connections on LinkedIn publishing content that they can share with their respective network on LinkedIn so naturally this got me curious in how people are allowed to do this.  What I found from LinkedIn is that … [Read more...]

How to Stop Updates When Your Edit Your LinkedIn profile

Linkedin-Privacy Settings

Linkedin, is a great way to stay in touch professionally with colleagues and grow your career network.  One of the most annoying things however is getting updates every time you adjust your profile, add a job or position you held or getting liked and calling attention to your updates is something that you might not want people to do.  But how do you turn it off?  Wouldn't it be … [Read more...]

How to Hide Annoying Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Hide Functionality

If you use LinkedIn than I am sure you've run into this issue where some of your connections post annoying or too many updates at one time and it clouds your view from what you really care to be able to see on LinkedIn.  If that's the case than you should know that you can hide posts from people on LinkedIn pretty easily.  When you hover over a posting that someone in your … [Read more...]