Product Review – Divi WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder


Elegant Themes has created this excellent WordPress Theme called Divi and I must admit that when I was first taking a look at this theme I thought to myself "This is probably going to be like most other WordPress themes out there" but I was wrong.  With most WordPress Theme developers on the net today they usually charge you by the theme so when a new theme comes out you have … [Read more...]

Product Review: Design Palette Pro Plugin

Design Palette Pro-04

Design Palette Pro for Genesis is a Premium WordPress Plugin that you can buy for use with StudioPress' Genesis framework and some StudioPress Child themes.  This plugin really allows you a point and click interface to customize your own CSS without ever having to learn an once of code.  You can even do some advanced level modification of alignment, sizes, weights, colors, … [Read more...]

Product Review: ShopLocket


ShopLocket is a different model of ecommerce solution.  The focus of this platform is that it gives entrepreneurs the ability to life using flexible pre-order solutions, a shopping cart and customer management tools.  With all that said its an interesting type of ecommerce system and one that might not be for everyone.  When I first logged into ShopLocket I was immediately … [Read more...]

Product Review: Drip


I've seen a lot of discussion about using Drip to turn visitors on your website from visitors to customers.  Ultimately Drip is a conversation improvement tool for your online business but with that said how does it work?  Let's check it out in action.  One of the first things that you will notice about Drip and one of the things that I like is that you get the guided tour from … [Read more...]

Deep Dive on Shopify Mobile

Site URL screen in Shopify Mobile App

I've written about Shopify a lot over the past little while and their team continues to amaze releasing a world class ecommerce solution to fit many businesses around the world.  Shopify recently released Shopify Mobile which allows business owners and their customers to do business quickly, easily and in a more "accessible" way. Inital App Setup The initial setup of the … [Read more...]