Product Review: PageLines DMS


Pagelines recently released a tool that they affectionately call "DMS" and after a little digging I first of all figured out what DMS stands for which is "Drag and Drop Management System".  Where this is useful is for customers and companies that need a professional looking site without a line of code to implement it.  Pagelines has been around for a while now but their latest … [Read more...]

Product Review: Store Grader for Shopify


The team at Shopify continues to develop tools, apps and a ecommerce platform that are fun and easy to use when setting up your own ecommerce operation.  Recently they released a tool called "Store Grader"  to help you further improve your Shopify store for search engines to find you, usability for your customers, your content and performance of your Shopify store.  What this … [Read more...]

WooCommerce Releases Product Vendors Extension

Product Vendors - 01

Within the last few days WooCommerce released an extension called "Product Vendors".  What the extension does is simple, it gives vendors the ability to sell products and earn commissions in a multi-vendor environment similar to amazon, ebay and etsy.  It a sense it allows you to create a marketplace on your WooCommerce WordPress website.  I can definitely see a lot of value in … [Read more...]

Product Review: SquareSpace CMS


I've had a chance to review a number of CMS systems over the past few years and SquareSpace does something completely different when you go to create a website using their content management system, they let you pick a template for your website before you even login to create your account with them (regardless of the fact that you are creating a 14 day trial account or not).  … [Read more...]

Product Review: Shopify 2

Shopify 2 Dashboard

Within the last month the team at Shopify released Shopify 2, their major release with updates and a complete redesign of the store admin panel.  This update boasts over 60 enhancements and features all to help you run your ecommerce store using Shopify.  Some important things to note about this release are... You can update your current Shopify store to the new user … [Read more...]