Check out Timber – Shopify’s Theme Framework


Shopify has just done something that makes it easier for most of us out there looking to run and customize our own themes for Shopify.  They release a framework called “Timber”.  The Timber front-end (theme) framework is perfect for the following reasons…

  1. It’s built for all devices
  2. It’s documented
  3. It’s customizable

Now Shopify does a pretty great job of being customizable right out of the box (so to speak) but Timber takes it that extra step and the heavy lifting.  Traditionally to proficiently customize a Shopify store you had to know how to code using Shopify’s liquid templating language.  “Yikes!!!” is all that comes to mind if you are a beginner without programming skills.

Check out Timber today at their GitHub website today and download the Timber Theme and get ready to have some fun customizing your own theme.  Stay tuned for some Timber related tutorials to help you get up and running and using this framework on your Shopify store soon.

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