Coming Soon: ECWID Made Easy eBook

So far about 30 people have downloaded Shopify Made Simple, my first Free eBook in the last little while.  I’ve been working on another eBook for ECWID called ECWID Made Easy which I will be releasing shortly.  Please keep in mind that this will be a paid premier eBook that I am creating.

The reason behind why I charging for my eBook is simple, to keep producing and spending time researching and updating these guides that I am creating I need to charge for the time involved in making in order to keep helping people make their sites.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of soon starting to charge for “Shopify Made Simple” so if you haven’t picked up a “Free” copy please do as this will be changing shortly.

This brings me to my next question.  Price.  I am wondering what people would pay for an eBook like this to help them learn a technology like ECWID of Shopify?…

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Please feel free to comment below as I will be reviewing these to make a decision on pricing in the coming days and weeks and I value your input here and sign up to my email marketing list or facebook page if you want to get an update when this eBook comes out.

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