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Shopify Mobile app on ipad

I’ve written about Shopify a lot over the past little while and their team continues to amaze releasing a world class ecommerce solution to fit many businesses around the world.  Shopify recently released Shopify Mobile which allows business owners and their customers to do business quickly, easily and in a more “accessible” way.

Inital App Setup

The initial setup of the shopify mobile app is fairly quick and easy and takes a couple of minutes to get it running on your iPad or iPhone.  Currently Shopify Mobile is only available on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone so if you do have an Android device you won’t be able to harness the awesome power of this app currently.  I haven’t heard of any plans or dates as to when they will release an app that is compatible for Android but I have to believe its coming soon.  When you install the app and click into it you’ll be asked for some fairly generic information including site URL, username and password which looks like this…

Site URL screen in Shopify Mobile App

Once you enter your Shopify store’s URL you’ll be asked to enter your username and password.  Once you’ve done that successfully you’ll see the following screen that tells you your store is ready. Touch this button which takes you to the main dashboard for your store.

"Your Store is ready" screen in Shopify Mobile

The dashboard is fairly generic showing you a bird’s eye view of how you are doing with respect to orders, revenue generated on your Shopify store, visitors, top search terms on your Shopify store, low inventory for those of you selling physical goods and more.  Shopify has done a good job on keeping their mobile app interface uncluttered and yet still relevant to what people want to use it for, in the case running your business at a glance.

Main dashboard screen in Shopify Mobile app

On the upper left hand side of the screen you will notice three white horizontal bars which take you to the menu for the app.  The menu contains a number of useful views of your Shopify store such as customers, products, customers, settings (which include being able to set push notifications when new orders come in and currency formatting) and the ability in a single touch to open your Shopify store in Safari.  As you will read in my beefs section in this post below you cannot create products which does suck but the fact that you can access your store through the Safari web browser may have been a way to keep people happy in using this app because doing that does give you the ability to add products and then edit them in the app.

Shopify Mobile App navigation menu

Now, let’s look at a few reasons why you might love using this app and Shopify in general and why you might not.

What I like about Shopify Mobile

  • Clean and uncluttered user interface – I really liked just how easy it is to use and everything is accessible from one or two touches at most.
  • Use it on the go – Gives you what you need to run your business successfully from pretty much anywhere
  • Push new order notifications – Its great that when you receive new orders your iPad or iPhone will automatically update you that you’ve got new orders using push notification.  Its a small thing but a good thing to have.

My Beefs with Shopify Mobile

  • It was only developed for iOS – The intial release of Shopify mobile was only developed for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Hopefully there is an Android coming soon.
  • It doesn’t allow you to create products – after reviewing the app further it isn’t possible to create products from scratch. Now for you can do things like add product variations, changing pricing, adding photos and more but sadly no new products.  If you do need to add products you will have to do it through the safari web browser.
  • No custom Analytics capabilities – You can’t show or develop custom analytics on the dashboard.  If you run a more sophisticated business this app might not have enough for you to solely rely on this app.

With all this said if you want to create a Shopify store today go ahead and do so and when you do you can check out this app on your iPhone or iPad to see if its something you can use in your business.  If you already have Shopify today click here to download my free eBook called “Shopify Made Simple” to help you develop your Shopify store.

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