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I’ve seen a lot of discussion about using Drip to turn visitors on your website from visitors to customers.  Ultimately Drip is a conversation improvement tool for your online business but with that said how does it work?  Let’s check it out in action.  One of the first things that you will notice about Drip and one of the things that I like is that you get the guided tour from the time you sign up.  They show you just how to use their software quickly and with easy to understand terms and phrases.  Outside of that the UI they’ve developed is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for as you can see here.

Drip 01

Now for those of you that are used to using tools like Aweber or MailChimp to manage your email marketing in the past you will find Drip easy to use because as you will see you still do things like create a campaign to track some specific marketing action, you can create goals to track your successes and integrate with third party analytics platforms like Google Analytics to capture relevant information about your visitors.

Customization and Customizing Drip Campaigns for your business

One thing that I must praise about Drip’s software is that it is so easy to use.  If you are a long time marketer or general business user you will find the learning curve on this pretty easy and straight forward.  However, if you aren’t finding it that easy to use Drip does also offer all of its customers, even trial users access to its 5 day email course that walks you through the basics of working with Drip.  Which is not only beneficial to Drip’s user base but also Drip allowing the company to empower these users to use their system even more successfully.

Drip 02

As you can see in the campaigns section of Drip there is a lot of customization that you can do to your campaign.  What you will like about having campaigns in Drip is that pretty much all of the customization is straight forward, no coding skills required, just some content, position your form and control any of those custom elements you want to add and you are ready to go.

Setting up Goals

Setting up goals with Drip takes almost no time at all.  Considering its one of the key measures that you will want to track in Drip its very useful.  With a few key pieces of information including a specific URL like a thank you page or an order completion page on your website, a dollar value per successful conversion and depending on your preference you can choose to count conversions either by a maximum of one conversion per person or to count every conversion.  Have a look at the screen for creating a goal in Drip to see what I am talking about below here.

Drip 03


Drip has your “run of the mill” analytics when it comes to measuring engagements with your visitors and customers.  You can use everything from Dashboards to setting up goals and developing split tests to see which version increases conversions.  Now when it comes to developing custom analytics for those of you looking to do more advanced analytics this product offering won’t offer everything.  Chances are you will need to export data to excel and modify it accordingly.


As far as cost goes Drip is fairly affordable starting at $49 per month for their Basic package all the way up to their Business package for $149 per month.  The real difference in all these packages are that the Basic package is great for small businesses because it covers up to 500 new subscribers per month has unlimited autoresponder sends so you can market to your existing subscriber base and allows for a maximum 25,000 broadcast sends via one time broadcast email campaigns which is a lot for small businesses to use up.  I’ve included the pricing you can find on Drip’s website for you to compare.  The interesting thing is that when you get to the Business package you are able to remove Drip branding from your website and Drip’s interface and you can integrate it with Salesforce CRM so unless either of those reasons apply to you I would not suggest this package.

Drip Pricing


If you are looking for a solution that integrates easily with your website,  allows you to customize the look and feel of your engagements with customers, provides some pretty straight forward analytics and is a relatively cost effective solution.  If you are interested in checking out Drip for your website I suggest checking it out for a free trial.  They do ask for credit card information for a trial account but you can cancel it at any time when you are reviewing it.  Click here to check it out for yourself.

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