ECWID launches version 2.4 of its WordPress Plugin

ecwid_logo_appECWID launched the latest version 2.4 of its WordPress plugin last week to rave reviews so far with over 170,000 downloads as of April 7th.  ECWID also known as “ecommerce widgets” is a platform that is highly customizable and easily integrated with a large number of content management systems today like WordPress and others to name a few.  Some of the big updates to come out of this release are…

1. Add products to pages and posts using a new shortcode – ECWID has come out with a new shortcode to make it easier to customize and add products to various pages on your WordPress site. The code looks something like this…

[ecwid_product id="12345"]

When you add the product id of your product from ECWID you will be able to add it to your pages and posts making it even easier to connect the products you sell on your WordPress website or blog.

2. Improved SEO on store pages – The team at ECWID has focused further on SEO by adding product attributes to SEO optimized versions of product pages.  The jist of this is that ECWID has really been working with Google’s recommendations to ensure that your products are better indexed for search engines to find and rank them for improved search results

3. Improvements to store layout for mobile devices – In this day in age it goes without saying that ECWID is striving to improve the functionality of its platform on mobile devices.  These changes are automatic, which means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time working to improve your ECWID store.  One example of this is that before if you used horiztonal categories widget on your WordPress site, you may have seen that it did not fit the width of narrow screens when you opened it on a mobile device however now with this plugin it will automatically hide the horiztonal categories widget on narrow screens to make sure it looks good on mobile-optimized sites.

ECWID really has done a lot to ensure that your WordPress site mirrors ECWID and extends the functionality of ECWID in your WordPress site which makes it an interesting solution to consider if you are running an online business.  If you haven’t tired ECWID yet its worth a look and with the option to sign up for a free basic account there is no reason not to check it out.

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