Synergetic Technologies Inc.


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Background: When this organization approached us their current website needed a new and fresh look but also a web design that was focused on the company’s goals of promoting and providing information about their services which meant that we had to learn about their business and understand the terms and nature of this business to produce a website that was inline with this company.  Through detailed communication and meetings we were able to understand and develop a website that had their business in mind.

Timeline: 6 weeks from start to finish

Type of Project: business analysis of online business presence, website redesign, corporate/information design

Purpose: To increase the goal lead generation in the form of email and phone calls and act as an information brochure for interested parties that the company can use to promote their Furnace and Process Heating solutions effectively.

Technologies used: PHP, mySQL, CSS, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, grayscreen prototyping, content development

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