Fixing blank pages on your WordPress site

Anyone who runs a content management system like WordPress knows that sometimes bad things can happen.  If you’ve upgraded recently one thing that has been troubling various projects that I work on is the “blank page of death” as it’s known by WordPress website owners and developers.

It also goes by other names like…

The white page of death – Not to be confused with windows “blue screen of death” the white page is simply all you’ll see as panic begins to set in, but relax all is not lost

The empty page – If you do a “view source” on the web page you’ll notice that the web page has absolutely no html source code

So if you are currently faced with this problem like I said, remain calm and don’t do anything irrational like deleting your database.  Here are a few places where the problem may exist…

WordPress Theme – The easiest fix that I personally know of is simply deleting the WordPress theme your site uses when you are logged in with an FTP client (make sure you’ve done your backups before doing this) and upload a new copy to your ‘wp-content/’ directory.

WordPress Site Files – The next thing to do is to check your WordPress files, if you think that they may be the cause of the problem then you can either downgrade or rollback the version of WordPress you are using or delete and replace the site files (again making sure you backup your site’s files before doing this).

If you happen to have any problems after looking at these two areas of your WordPress website then the next step may involve seeking professional help as this may be a more serious problem.

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