How Do Companies Handle Social Media and Customer Service?

Recently, my wife had an issue when trying to return something to a store.  When she came home she was visibility upset.  I listened to her until she was finished and then said, why not try posting to the company on their Facebook page thinking “Maybe someone will listen”.  Not only had I made my wife a little happier but I honestly thought they would provide some resolution.  Needless to say when I came back after my non-offensive post to the company they hadn’t replied to it from their Facebook page. No message, No nothing.  This brings me to the bigger question of “How do businesses acknowledge their customers issues online? Or do they at all?”

3 Social Media Engagement Strategies out there today

  1. Sit and do nothing – Some companies feel powerless to stop their customers from writing and in some cases they would rather put their heads in the sand and forget to look up.  Note to these companies, get your head out of the sand and help your customers or your competition will!!!!
  2. engage, Engage, ENGAGE! – Some companies need to be commended on their engagement through social media channels.  They create cases from posts using technology like Salesforce and ZenDesk and they have a process to follow up with their customers in a timely manner.  Most times customers are shocked that they’ve actually been heard.  Its a win-win relationship that ensures repeat business for years to come.
  3. No negative feedback allowed – Some companies as I’ve personally found out that some companies literally take your post and delete it.  No follow up to the customer, no win for the company to look like a hero, no problem.  Right?  Well hence a blog post about this surfaces that they cannot delete it and pretend like it didn’t happen.  Companies that are reading this please realize that you cannot simply turn a blink eye to your customers… they won’t let you.

With social media quickly becoming another form of communication today its getting hard for companies to simply turn a blind eye to customers, their experiences which usually result in a posting on Facebook or Twitter and the resolution companies provide.  I’m interested to know what experiences you as a customer have faced and how social media helped or did not help you resolve your issue.  Please feel free to post in the comments section below and I look forward to your feedback.

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