How do you Represent Your Work Experience on LinkedIn

Recently, after receiving a promotion at work I decided to update my profile on LinkedIn.  I mean it makes sense right?  But I found myself trying to decide if I should have a separate title with the month I received my promotion, if I should just update my title or if I should update my title to include both titles to show my career progression.  I started to look at other co-workers profiles to see how they’ve done it and thus my confusing adventure into this common problem began.

What it really comes down to is how you want to represent your work experience on LinkedIn.  Do you highlight every promotion you’ve received, update your job title when you receive your promotion or separate them by job titles and roles as your career changes?  Let’s have a look at a few ways you can do this on your LinkedIn profile

Adding a new position every time you receive a promotion

Linkedin - job-post-02

Personally speaking I think that this style of writing job titles on your LinkedIn profile shows that you are trying to either showcase your ability to get promoted or you are highlighting how your job has changed with an organization over time.  The way that I think about writing on LinkedIn is how I would approach writing my resume and the things that I would leave off of it which is this case would include highlighting job promotions.  As a company looking at candidates they could perceive this as a someone who won’t be happy in a role or at a certain level for more than a year or two before they want to move up or move on.

My point is simply and this is really a point of view is that its confusing to recruiters and other companies that might be looking at your LinkedIn profile to understand your career path by providing every piece of information about how your job has changed.

If you were to break down your career when your duties and responsibility shift considerably than I think that calls for a new job title on your LinkedIn profile but not for every promotion.

Updating your position as you are promoted or change jobs in a company

Linkedin - job-post-03This is pretty common practice that as you change jobs at a company or move up within the role you are in to update your job title.  As you do this its important to remember that updating your job title on your LinkedIn profile means that people in your network will congratulate you but that’s okay, isn’t it?

Some people may see this as an inaccurate way to talk about your career experiences but most recruiters and companies only care about your latest job title regardless of all that you’ve done in your career because it tells them the level of compensation you expect from your next career move and the challenges you’ve faced recently.

Add all the promotions into one job title

Linkedin - job-post-01This is an interesting way of highlighting your career experiences on LinkedIn.  Normally you will need to shorten or abbreviate your job titles in one line but this can work as an option if you were promoted and moved up in a position before moving or switching jobs.

Regardless of how you see it I hope this helps you to look at and rewrite your profile on LinkedIn and perhaps your resume if needed.  Each one of these options and more have there advantages and disadvantages and there is really no “golden rule” when it comes to adding your experience to LinkedIn or your resume.


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