How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest is one of the latest social media networks that allows you to create a virtual pin board and “share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”  The social aspect of Pinterest hinges on the fact that you can follow people, their pins and boards and share across a wide range of interests.

Today let’s cover a few key aspects including how to add a pin, how to upload a pin and how to create a board in Pinterest.  In all cases of adding and creating in Pinterest it’s important to remember that all you need to do is click the “Add +” button once you’ve logged into your Pinterest account.

How to Add a Pin

In order to add a pin to Pinterest you will need to first search for images related to what you want to pin using the URL of the site and select an image to then pin and you are ready to go after adding a comment about the image you’ve decided to pin and the board you want to Pin it on.

How to Upload a Pin

Uploading a pin to Pinterest is just about as easy as simply adding a pin with really one key difference.  You will need to upload the image, video or other document that you want to pin but other than that you should be ready to go.

How to Create a Board

When you first setup your Pinterest account you are asked to select some things that you like and these create the first boards that you have access to but creating boards that are all your own is where it’s at in Pinterest.  To do this you need to name your board, select a category it falls under and decide if only you can add to it or if you will allow contributors as well.

With social media networks these days being all about sharing Pinterest offers a unique slant on what is possible and makes it easier to share things you are interested in to a wide range of people.

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