How To Add A Custom Activity Button in SalesForce

Today, I wanted to give to a tip and this one is aimed squarely at people and companies using SalesForce. Have you have been looking at opportunities in Salesforce and wondered “I wish there was a way to click a button that would create a task!??”. Well! I’ve got some great news! I am going to show you how to do just that in a few steps.  What you need to do once you are in SalesForce is go to Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Buttons and Links and then follow these steps…

Step 1: Give the custom button a name.
Step 2: Set the “Display Type” should be set to Detail Page Button
Step 3: The Behavior should be set to “Display in existing window without sidebar or header”
Step 4: Set the “Content Source” to URL
Step 5: Copy the code below and paste it into the text box and click save.

/00T/e?title=Enter Activity Subject Here&what_id={!Opportunity.Id}&followup=1&tsk5=Enter Activity Subject Here&retURL=%2F{!Opportunity.Id}

What you will notice after you’ve finished implementing this is that you can now click a button that generates activities for you and your users in Salesforce.

In using the above mentioned code, you can pass values using URL parameters.  For the purpose of this article we won’t dive too deeply into this but just be aware that it is possible to pass and populate specific values on activities generated from a custom button.  After you’ve set this up you can start to generate activities with the click of a button in SalesForce.

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