How to Add a Facebook Like Box to your Website

If you are going to get more people liking your website then you are going to have to add a way to promote your Facebook page on your website.  Today’s tip is a good one for those of you looking to add social media elements to your website.

In order to find the like box for your website you will need to go to “Edit Info” on your Facebook Page and click on “Resources” and “Use Social Plugins”.  On this page select the “Like Box” option and that will take you to a page that looks like this…

You can then customize the attributes of the Like Box for your website by adding the URL of your Facebook page, width of the Like Box, the option to show faces on your Like Box, Show the header and show the stream from your Facebook page on your website as you can see below.

When you are finished customizing your Like Box the last thing to do is to click the “Get Code” and select the style in which you want to generate the code for your Like Box in.  You can select from HTML5, iframe and xfbml.

Once you are finished simply copy and paste this code into your website and people will like you and your company on your Facebook page in no time!


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