How to Add Courses to Your Education Section in LinkedIn

One thing that has long been a concern of mine when using LinkedIn is the inability to show specific courses that you’ve taken under a degree, diploma or certificate.  Recently the team at LinkedIn released  a feature that allows you to add courses to the education section on your profile in no time at all.  Let me guide you through some steps to set this up on your LinkedIn profile right now…

Step 1: Navigate to your profile and scroll to the “Education” section on your LinkedIn profile.  If you haven’t set this up you must first have a school to link the courses to.

Step  2: Click the “Add Sections” link and select “Courses” section.  This will then direct you to start adding courses to your LinkedIn profile including the name of the course, the course code and your relationship to that course (example “You were a student of University X”)

Step 3: When you are finished adding the courses that you want to add simply click the “Add Courses” button.  When you are on your LinkedIn profile page you should now see courses associated to your education and also a newly created “Courses” section.

I hope that you find this tip useful in adding courses to your LinkedIn profile whether its part of your job search, keeping your resume current or using it to highlight your skills and achievements!

Update as of Jan-03, 2017:  A little has changed since I originally wrote this post with how LinkedIn sees courses. If you are trying to  put courses on your LinkedIn profile put your profile in edit mode first. You’ll notice a section near the top called “Add a section to your profile“, from their select “Courses” and you should be good to go!




  1. Frank Castiglia says

    Hello Luc, I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to add courses to my other degrees. Do you know how to add courses to additional degree programs on LinkedIn?

  2. says

    Hello Frank,

    By default I think there are 3 options for courses. If you want to add more courses to additional degrees try clicking the “Add another course” link. Hope that solves your issue Frank,


  3. Sumaiya says

    this does not show that the course was conducted by what institute??how do we add the institute name which conducted the course?

  4. T.R. says

    Hi Luc,

    How does Linkedin classify the different groups of courses ? I have three diplomas in the ‘Education’ part, classified by date (that’s normal, no problem), but when filling the new ‘Courses’ section, Linkedin displays things in the wrong order. Is there a way to restore the same order as in the ‘Education’ part ? Some mates of mine seem not to face this problem, that’s strange…

    thx for your help,

  5. says

    Hi TR,

    When it comes to how courses show in the “courses” section in your LinkedIn profile it looks to add the groupings of courses based on what is shown chronologically in the “education” section. Maybe try resaving the courses to see if they fire correctly. That is strange

  6. MD says

    The same thing that T.R mentioned has been happening to me and I have tried deleting, resaving and all sorts of other things. Linkedin keeps listing the courses in the wrong chronological order so that the courses for the degree I did most recently are listed last in the courses section!

  7. says

    Hey MD,

    Looks like you can reorder the education section of your LinkedIn page but you cannot reorder courses at this time. Not sure if LinkedIn will change this but hopefully they will give the option to adjust this.


  8. roy says


    In course section there have course number. Will you please tell me that what does it mean?

    Thank you

  9. says

    Hi Roy,

    Sometimes courses that you take from colleges and universities have course codes and LinkedIn gives you the ability to enter in your course codes as an option. Hope that explains it Roy,


  10. says

    Hi mirelavus,

    They can be either actually but as a good rule of thumb it might make more sense to add the ones you’ve taken or are currently taking.

  11. says

    Hi Luc,

    I have linked my courses to my jobs. But I also have the problem that my courses are not places in the correct order. Even though I have my jobs placed chronologicaly and entered my courses chronologicaly. How can I change this?

  12. Greg says

    Hi Luc,

    I currently have two degrees under my Education and specified the school, however no Add Sections appears with which to add Courses. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  13. James Smith says

    Hi Luke, while studying my MBA, i took courses in another college of the university. How should i treat this in my education section on my profile? Should i add that specific college and list those courses or just add a note under my mba section explaining that i took these courses as a visiting student or something?

  14. says

    Hi James, That’s a great question. I would say that since you took them from the same university its safe to note them under your MBA.

  15. Kristina says


    I keep getting the error symbol (Red * next to “course” ) but I am not sure what is wrong with them. I took out all the punctuation marks and it still will not load my courses.

    Thank you

  16. says

    Interesting error Kristina. I just tested this on my LinkedIn Profile and it seems to work. Are you adding the course name in the “Course Name” field or in the blank field next to it?

  17. says

    Hey Madeline, Try putting your LinkedIn profile in edit mode. You’ll notice a section near the top called “Add a section to your profile”, from their select “Courses” and you should be good to go!

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