How to Add Custom Fields to Products in ecwid

Perhaps you are looking at ecwid after the last article that I wrote and you are thinking to yourself “it looks like a good option for running my ecommerce site but how can I customize it further?”  Inside of ecwid there are a number of options to customize however I wanted to talk about a feature that I think is really cool and useful and it gives you a lot of options are the ability to add custom fields to your products in a number of ways as you can see in the following screenshot…

In order to add custom fields to products in ecwid is available to anyone using ecwid by going to Catalog >> Products >> Options and click on “New Option” button.  The options that you have to create custom fields include…

  • Drop-Down Lists
  • Radio Buttons
  • Text Fields
  • Text Areas
  • Date Picker
  • Upload Filed

As you can see I selected the “Radio Buttons” option to sell a shirt in ecwid with certain neck sizes and when the neck size is the largest I wanted to add $20 to the price.

With this option for managing your products ecwid becomes a strong competitor when looking at other ecommerce solutions whether its for WordPress or another platform.  This is definitely a useful feature if you are looking to run your ecommerce business using ecwid so check it out today.


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    Hi Luc..just ran across your blog. I am currently at ecwid and struggling with their shopping cart the way they have it set up..I sell vintage items, different weights and box sizes..Ecwid does not support the box measurements. Nor do they support being able to attach one shipping method/carrier to only one particular product. the carries you may choose to use , will pop up for the customer to choose.. Which isnt going to work for my site. Because I will ship alot with USPS and already have the item packed in the USPS Box. This to me should be eliminated and be able to choose a carrier you want for a particular product.. If the customer chooses fed home delivery, well I then have to unpackage the product from the USPS box and change to a regular box.. I have been pulling my hair out and shut my site down this morning to gather myself..Very frustrating.. Any idea that may help me ? You seem very smart.. Thank You

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