How To Add ECWID to Your Facebook Page

There is a new way of selling that is gaining a lot of traction these days called “social selling” and with that there are a lot of integrations, add-ons and new pieces of software and apps coming out to meet the demand.  Today I am focusing on ECWID for Facebook, which is an integration point between ECWID eCommerce platform and Facebook that allows you to sell products from your ECWID account on your company’s Facebook page.

Regardless of the type of ECWID account that you’ve got you have access to adding this on your Facebook page by going to Promotions | Facebook App when you are signed into your ECWID account.

You’ll notice that on this page there are a number of steps to do to use ECWID’s Facebook App and links to a detailed knowledge base article which outlines in great detail more steps to customize ECWID on Facebook.  Once you click on the link to add the Facebook app you will see the following screen when you are logged into your Facebook account.

Click on the “Add store to your page” button seen above and this will bring you to the following screen asking you to go to the app and install it.  Click the “Go To App” button seen below.

From here, the ECWID Facebook App will ask your permission to manage your Facebook pages.  Without this you will not be able to use ECWID on your Facebook page.  Click the “Allow” button to proceed to the next step.

Lastly, select the facebook page that you want to link with your ECWID store.  Once you select the Facebook page that you want to link with your ECWID store you will see the “Add ECWID” button which will add ECWID to your Facebook page.

Next you will see the following screen that will direct you to add your ECWID store ID to the Facebook App.  Click the “Connect to Store” button as seen below.

As you can see you can choose one of three options to add your ECWID store ID to the Facebook App including signing up for an ECWID account for those of you who don’t ready have one, copying your store ID from the dashboard if you don’t remember it or cannot find it and also the ability to enter it yourself.

You’ll notice a check mark saying that the store is now connected once you’ve successfully entered your ECWID store ID.

Lastly, click on the “Settings” link where you will see that you have a number of options on how and what you want to display from your ECWID store on your Facebook page and how you want to display it.  When you are done adjusting how you want the products to look, feel and act on your Facebook page simply save the changes and preview them on your Facebook page.  After its all said and done you’ll have your ECWID store available on your company’s Facebook page!


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