How to Add More Miles to your Aeroplan Account

I love customer loyalty programs.  I figure if you are getting points that you can use towards things that you want it’s a good thing.  You are spending the money anyways so you might as well get something in return.  One of the recent customer loyalty plans that I decided to join was Aeroplan.  For those of you who might not know, Aeroplan is a loyalty account that allows you to collect points that can help you earn free trips to places around the world or merchandise.  Personally I want to take my family on a big trip to Australia in the next few years so this is the perfect opportunity to do just that and save some money.  Sometimes what I’ve noticed is that it isn’t always as straight forward to get points for things on your Aeroplan such as business flights I might have taken or things that I buy that have a link with the Aeroplan account and allow me to earn more points.

So, today I wanted to show you how you can add miles to your Aeroplan account in a few simple steps and collect more miles for your Aeroplan account.

Take Those Boarding Passes and Collect More Points

Sometimes traveling for work has its advantages and being able to earn miles from airlines that are partnered with Aeroplan is one of them.  Usually I’ve found that if I fly with Air Canada my points are pretty much automatically added but if I fly on United Airlines then I’ve got to take the boarding pass and add them myself through my account.  Not a big problem but sometimes people don’t realize that you can do this.  Well, you can so let’s have a look and see how…

Step 1: Get those boarding passes and log into your Aeroplan account

Step 2: Click on the “Your Account” link then click on “Request Mileage Credit” link and enter the information from the boarding pass and click submit

Note: If you happened to have some old boarding passes that you used before signing up for an Aeroplan account you won’t be able to add them.  I tried this myself and wasn’t able to do so.

Take Advantage of Customer Loyalty Partners

The other day my daughter and I were picking out Halloween candy and she happened to pick the box with the Smarties on it because she loves Smarties.  Little did I know that Aeroplan has a deal with Nestle to give you bonus Aeroplan points for every participating Nestle product but they do.  When I got home I opened the boxes, got the pin number and went to the Nestle Aeroplan site where I entered them and got 20 Aeroplan miles for each box of Halloween candy I bought.  If you are interested in reading more about the promotional offer that Nestle has with Aeroplan than click here.

To add more points to your Aeroplan account using the Nestle Aeroplan promotion the first thing you need to do is go to and enter your Aeroplan account number and last name.  From here the next thing that you need to do is locate the PIN code on the Nestle product and enter it.

Like I said I really enjoy earning points towards free stuff whether its flights to faraway places or stuff!  I hope that you are able to get a little closer to your goal and grow your Aeroplan points using some of these tricks.

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