How To Add Projects To Your LinkedIn Profile

Recently I decided to add projects to my LinkedIn profile.  Adding projects to your LinkedIn profile can highlight something that you did while working at a particular company that took you outside your normal daily duties or it can highlight different projects you’ve taken on as a consultant working with multiple clients.

In order to show a “Projects” section on your LinkedIn profile you need to first click the “Add Sections” link shown below.

From there you can go to the section for projects and click the “Add a Project” link.  What you can then do is enter information about a project you undertook including names of team members, selecting your job title at the time of the project based on the work history you already have in your LinkedIn profile, the start date and end date of the project and a description area where you can list what you did during the project.  Here is a look at what you will see when you go to add a project to your LinkedIn profile…

Lastly, what you will see is that it associates projects to your work experience on your LinkedIn profile similar to what you can see below…

From there you can ensure that when you are showcasing your skills on LinkedIn you can related your work experience to projects you’ve worked on whether you are a Project Manager or not.  This solution isn’t just for project managers so feel free to check it out today.

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