How to add SEO to your BaseKit Website

This is the second article that I’ve written about BaseKit in a series of articles that are going to take you through how to use BaseKit to get your website up and running in no time at all.  In the first article, I talked about how you could create a website using BaseKit and today I am shifting focus to discuss search engine optimization or SEO using BaseKit.  There are two primary ways that you can go about adding SEO on your BaseKit website including the following…

  • Page Level SEO
  • Site Level SEO

So without much hesitation at all let’s launch into Page Level SEO in BaseKit.

Page Level SEO using BaseKit

Page Level SEO is pretty common in any CMS system that you are looking at today but what it really means is that you are able to set SEO attributes at the page level.  In order to find this functionality you first need to login to your BaseKit website and go to “Design” and from there click on the down arrow as shown below and select the “SEO” option from the list of options…

… Once you’ve done this a pop-up will appear that looks like this…

As you can see its pretty standard in that it gives you the ability to add keywords to pages in BaseKit and a description for the page itself.  It’s pretty simple and useful for people new to SEO and website development to use.  Now we are going to have a look at setting up the Site Level SEO in Basekit.

Site Level SEO using BaseKit

What I liked about the site Level SEO from a beginner standpoint is that it’s easy to understand.  When I code my websites at the site level for search engines I usually look at keeping the fairly simple covering boarder keywords and descriptions for the site and hone it down when I get to Page Level SEO with much more specific keywords and descriptions.  You can really get into the nitty gritty details when you do page level SEO but Site level SEO should compass a boarder idea for your website.  To set this up in BaseKit you will need to click on the “Manage” section and select the “SEO” sub-option as shown below…

From here you can setup the title, keywords and description for your BaseKit website and also use page redirection for those of you who have a little more of an advanced understanding of SEO.  You can use both 301 (Permanent) and 302 (Temporary) redirects as needed and what you will be confronted with in BaseKit for creating redirects is what you can see below…
BaseKit provides a pretty solid platform to make and apply SEO changes quickly and with the ability to use redirects also makes BaseKit a great option for people looking for a CMS system that can handle core SEO capabilities.

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