How to Add Users in SalesForce

User management is always one of the hot button topics for any SalesForce administrator out there today because its so complex.  For those of you who might be new to SalesForce CRM the path that you need to take to see, edit and add users is Setup | Manage Users | Users.  From here you can add users, edit existing users and inactivate old users.  Above is a screenshot of what it looks like when you add a new user.  You’ll notice that you have a number of required fields which need to be added in order for you to create new users.

With all the profile, role hierarchy, permission set options available for users of SalesForce it’s all too common to find it difficult to manage users on an ongoing basis.  For that reason, I put together a matrix so that you can plan the profiles, roles and general information needed to add users into SalesForce quickly and easily.

In the following template which you can use to plan and collect information about the users that you are adding to SalesForce you will notice that I’ve only included the fields that are required to create a user.  Please feel free to re-purpose it for your own needs when you download it and use it.  I hope you find it useful in administering SalesForce.  Click here to download this template today!

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