How to Blog About Topic People are Actually Interested In

One of the first rules of blogging is building an audience because developing a blog without one is pointless.  So naturally the first question is “How do I do that?”  And the answer is simple, blog about topics that people are talking about, interested in or that have not much information about but online but a large loyal following.  In this article, I am going to talk about how you can craft articles for your blog that are not only interesting but catch the eye of your audience in a sea of similar minded blogs.

Do Your Research

You’d be surprised at just how many so called experts there are running blogs today.  Is the information you read better?  Probably not!  But in the lack of good information people read and check out what’s available.  In doing research as you write and develop your blog posts what you will realize is that you want to be the expert in your topic, products or the interest you blog about.

If you start blogging without doing your research what you get is bland articles that don’t really grab people and ultimately fail at getting anyone to read your articles and no one wants to be that guy.

So how do you avoid being that guy or gal?

  • Know your topics and develop articles for your blog that stand on your own
  • Spend some time looking at what people are interested in in your industry and keep learning and acting as a voice in a sea of noise
  • Test out parts of your article to see what is working and what needs work
  • Sign up to industry newsletters to stay on top of what is going on from reputable sources

Use Controversial Topics to Your Benefit

It’s been my experience that blogging about something controversial whether its software or something else usually nets you more attention and people commenting on your posts.  Don’t be fooled though, being controversial for the sake of attention is certainly not a sustainable way to blog and produce content for your blog.

When I originally started blogging about the Shopp plugin I started getting negative comments about Shopp, not as a plugin but the support that the company provides.  The stats on my site showed that more and more people were reading it and posting comments to the blog post.  I hadn’t attempted to be controversial but people that read the article and posted their comments made the article more and more controversial by nature spurring additional comments.  Needless to say, the traffic provided has helped the success of that article.

Now, if I had tried to be controversial for the sake of creating a controversy it probably wouldn’t have been as successful simply because I would have been faking it.  No one wants to hear from someone who rants and rants about everything that might be controversial to get people taking.  Those people are annoying and a waste of time to listen to a lot of the time!

Focus on Topics That Compliment What You Sell

As straight forward as this sounds sometimes you really need to hone your writing and blog development to focus on whatever the business you run because blogging about topics that have nothing to do with the theme of your blog or business is a recipe for disaster.  Your readers won’t get it and chances are the articles won’t have a certain level of quality besides you are better than that.

Instead look for topics, discussions, new advancements in related topics and link them back to your business through your writing style.  Aside from the obvious SEO benefits this will produce for your website you will also show people that you are the expert that you say you are and this could lead to new business opportunities, more sales and new ways to reach your customers and readers.  At the end of the day your customers will appreciate the advice they get from your articles and you appreciate the new ways to grow your business or social media following.

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