How to Connect Your Twitter Account to Your Facebook Page

For those of you looking to further enhance your social media footprint today’s tip is going to help you link your Facebook page to your Twitter account.  Where this becomes useful is for business owners and people who have personal social media profiles and want to create a singular source of information so that if you post on your Twitter profile, your Facebook page is updated with the tweet as well.

It is possible to the reverse as well (posting Facebook page updates on Twitter) but once you see this I am sure you will get the idea and be able to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Keep in mind, as always that you will need a Facebook page and a Twitter account for this but once you’ve got that you are most of the way there!

Step 1: Log into your Twitter account and go to edit your profile

Step 2: In the edit profile section scroll down to the  Facebook section and click the “Sign in to Facebook and connect your account” button, as seen below.

Step 3: You will then need to authorize acess to Facebook account from Twitter.  This is just a security measure to ensure that you are supposed to be accessing Facebook.  Then this will give you the option to select your facebook profile or a facebook page or pages that you want to push twitter posts to specifically as you can see below.

After this, you should be all done and ready to start tweeting and having your tweets appear on your Facebook page.  As I said you can setup Facebook so that posts from Facebook appear on your Twitter profile just as easily.

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