How to Create a Baby Monitor Using a Network Camera and your iPad

This article is a departure from my normal tips, tricks and information that you can read about on here. Recently I was looking at various baby monitors in preparation for the newest addition to my family. A normal video baby monitor costs anywhere from around $150 up to around $400 depending on what options you are looking for in a baby monitor and I don’t know about you but I think that is a lot of money for such a low tech device. It seems like when you tack on the word “baby” to things the price tends to increase.

This brings me to a conversation that I had with another Dad about baby monitors. The other weekend I was at a daughter’s friends birthday party and the dads got together to share their tips and tricks on raising babies and that is where this idea came from (keep in mind I did not come up with this idea by myself but it was so good I wish I had and decided to use it).

One dad said to me that he bought a network camera and added it to his home WIFI network and that he has an app on his iPhone that allows him to log in and see his daughter’s room just like any baby monitor with one key difference…. mobility. He could log in where ever he was to see how his kid is doing by logging in on his iPhone. I honestly thought to myself “This is a great idea” so I decided to go to Amazon and check out the various network camera, bought one and a few days later setup my only baby monitor using a network camera and my iPad.

Within a few minutes I was up and running able to access the network camera from anywhere. Keep in mind this solution doesn’t stream video through your home WIFI which is why I like it, turn it on and use it when you want and when you don’t it won’t consume any of the bandwidth on your home network however you will need to have access to a WIFI network to set this up so please keep that in mind.

What you need to create your own network enabled baby monitor is…

  1. An iPhone, iPad or Android Device
  2. A Network Camera (I bought a Dlink Cloud Camera)
  3. A Wireless Network
  4. The mydlink App

The attractive thing about this solution is that most people have a wireless network these days and most people have an iPhone, iPad or Droid device that they already use so really all you need is a Network Camera and the myDlink app and you are ready to go.  Now I realize that not all people reading this are expecting a baby but Network cameras open up various options whether you are running a business or using it for personal use.  I hope you find this useful, especially those of you looking to save some money on a baby monitor that is not only cool but is accessible from anywhere.

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