How to Create a “Clone” Button on Accounts in SalesForce

I wanted to give you a quick tip on how you can create a “Clone” button on your accounts in SalesForce to clone accounts as you need them.  It won’t take more then a few minutes so let’s have a look and get started.  To do this first go to Setup | Customize | Accounts | Buttons and Links | New.

One you are there the next thing that you will need to do is enter the following information in each field…

Label: “Clone”
Name: “Clone”
Description: “Button to clone Accounts”
Display Type: Detail Page Button
Behavior: Display in existing window without sidebar or header
Content Source: URL
Link: /{!Account.Id}/e?clone=1

The only thing to remember is that you will need to add this button to any page layout that you want to want to use it on and you should be ready to go!

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