How to Create a Facebook Page

I recently wrote an article on Website Experts entitled “How to use FBML to customize your Facebook page” and I wanted to take a step back for all those folks out there who just want to know how to create a Facebook page.

Whether it’s for your business or for your own personal needs a Facebook page can definitely give you exposure to the traffic that Facebook offers.  Even Website Experts has a Facebook page, shameless plug, I know but a Facebook page can drive more traffic to your website or give you the ability to test the waters of social media free of charge.

So in this article what I’d like to do is walk you through setting up a Facebook page pure and simple.  Naturally you will need a Facebook account in order to do this but I figure this is something you’re probably already aware of so let’s get the ball rolling

Step 1: Click on the “Home” button after you’ve had a chance to log yourself into your Facebook account.  On the left hand side of the “home” page you will notice an option called “Pages” (As seen below) so go ahead and click on this now.

Step 2: Next you are going to click on the “Create Page” Button if you’ve already got a Facebook page that you’ve created before and if you have never created a Facebook before then you will be brought to a screen that looks similar to this…

… From here you can select what type of Facebook you want to create.  I chose the option of creating it for a business but you’ve got more options available this in order to best represent your own version of Facebook page.

Step 3: Once you’ve chosen the type of Facebook page that you want to create and you’ve clicked on the “Get Started” button you’ll notice that you are directed to your very own Facebook page however you’ll also notice that there is a lot of information left for you to fill in, in order to get it looking the way you want.

I hope you found this information useful in creating your own Facebook page and please stop by our Facebook page and like us today!


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