How To Create a Hot List For Leads and Contacts in SalesForce

Recently, someone approached me about needing the ability to have leads and contacts in a single report so that they could have a “Hot List” also known as a “Call Sheet” in SalesForce.  After considering a number of ideas it became clear of a couple of things…

  1. Define the process of qualifying leads and contacts
  2. At what point does a contact move to the Hot List versus at what point does a lead move to the Hot List?

The reason that I needed to start the conversation at this point is because it wasn’t clear as to the overall process of qualifying someone to be on the company’s hot list to be called and I was sure that this process what different for leads and contacts.  Once we were able to define this the next point was to look at reporting in SalesForce however given the standard functionality of objects in SalesForce it isn’t possible to simple create a report and say “I want to see leads and contacts on the same report”.  The reason why this isn’t easy is because their is no relationship in SalesForce between Contacts and Leads to set one up and use a custom report type to create a custom report.

So this brings me to a possible solution to this problem.  Because you can’t simply whip together a report showing leads and contacts which we would have called our “Hot List” one option might be to consider the use of personal tags in SalesForce.  Personal Tags are tags that you can assign to object records in SalesForce.  There are a few things to consider first…

  1. There is a limit as to the number of records that you can tag with personal tags (5,000,000 instances of personal and public tags applied to records)
  2. A user is limited to 5,000 instances of personal tags on records

Now that we’ve gotten through that lets talk more about how you can implement this in SalesForce.  The first that you will need to do is to enable personal tags in your instance of SalesForce by going to Setup | Customize | Tags.  You will also need to tell SalesForce which page layouts and which objects should be allowed to be tagged with personal tags.

Once this is done you can start tagging your contact and lead records by clicking “Add Tags” in the upper right hand corner of the contact or lead detail page.  Enter the personal tag “Hot List” and click “Save“.  When you are done, simply click on the “Hot List” tag you created for the items in your “Hot List” and as you can see in the screenshot below you can then see all the leads and contacts that you’ve tagged with the “Hot List” tag and you’ve got a hot list that your company can use and manage.


  1. ankush Rao says

    I want to retrieve the records(Contacts and Leads ) related with this “Hot List” tag in Apex coding.
    Can you please help me out this issue .I have unable to get the records from the tag.
    Thank you.

  2. ankush Rao says

    By retrieving i want to display on VF Page. can you plz give the sample query to retrieve those records….

  3. Jason says

    Hi Luc,
    Cool tip, thanks for sharing. We use salesforce tags too, but view them in an appexchange app called PointClickList. This way we can call down our tags, export, etc… Things that you can’t do with salesforce tags out of the box.

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