How to Exclude Traffic in Google Analytics by IP Address

When I originally wrote about excluding your traffic from showing up in Google Analytics using a cookie I realize that most people might not want to use this option of excluding traffic if they have multiple people who work at a company that uses the same range of IP addresses so I wanted to show you how you can exclude traffic in your Google Analytics account on the website or website you are tracking.

Step 1: Once you are in your Google Analytics account and go to the “Filter Manager” and select the “Add Filter” option.

Step 2: Set the filter name, select the filter type “Exclude”, then the from field “traffic from the IP addresses” and then one of four options including “that are equal to”, “that being with”, “that end with” and “that contain”.  Lastly, enter your IP address and select the sites that you want to apply this filter on.  Please see what I am talking about in the following screenshot…

This is one of the best and fastest ways to exclude traffic from Google Analytics and it should take you about 5 minutes to create the filter that does this in Google Analytics.


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