How to Fix Facebook Timeline

In a recent article that I wrote about the coming Facebook Timeline functionality the one thing that most people agree with is that if they don’t want the feature in the first place they are stuck with it.  Kind of a “So sad, Too Bad!” feature that Facebook is soon to release to all of its users.  Today lets talk about an option to help with this since there is some outrage over this feature being released.  There is a an app that has been around for a bit that addresses some of the annoyances of Facebook and currently they are releasing version 6.4 which will address the following issues…

A “Timeline” tab in the Social Fixer options – This gives you a want to customize how your Timeline page displays to everyone.

Without this you were stuck to accepting the Facebook Timeline as it exists today.  Interested in learning how to use this feature on your Facebook Timeline?  Let’s discuss how to install this in your Facebook account…

Step 1: Download and Install Social Fixer to your web browser

The first thing that you need to do is click on the corresponding web browser that you are currently using when downloading Social Fixer as you can see above.  When you choose a web browser you will see the following dialog box asking you if its okay to install it.  Click the “Install” button…

 Step 2: Make sure Social Fixer is Enabled on your Web Browser

For my demonstration, I am using Google Chrome.  If you are using a different web browser please refer to their prompts during the setup phase.

What you see in the screenshot below is that Social Fixer is enabled in the web browser.

Step 3: Go to Facebook

At the top level it really is a 3 step process to start using Social Fixer however there are a lot of options that social fixer provides in terms of how and what you want to customize in your Facebook account.  What you will see below is what you will see once you’ve logged into Facebook and have Social Fixer enabled in your web browser.

As you can see you’ve got the recommended and minimalist settings available for installing Social Fixer.

On the right hand side of the page in Facebook you’ll see the Social Fixer icon by your profile picture including the option to fix your Facebook timeline using Social Fixer.  The great thing about Social Fixer is that you can customize, restrict and edit parts of Facebook to your liking.  Enjoy customizing Facebook to your needs!

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