How to Import Products and Categories into ecwid

Being able to import products into whatever ecommerce platform, plugin or software you are using is a valuable feature because it saves time and gives you greater ability to control and manage your products on the fly and if you’ve got thousands of products.  In using ecwid, you can use imports to perform these functions plus if you add a new category name to your import ecwid actually creates it and doesn’t challenge it saying that it doesn’t exist so make sure that the spelling of categories and products is correct.

Today, I wanted to show you how you can import products and categories into ecwid and provide you a CSV template that you can use for your imports into ecwid.

Step 1: Download this CSV file and add your products, image URLs and details to the file and save it on your computer.

Step 2: Log into ecwid and go to the Catalog >> “Products” section and click on the “Import Products...”

Step 3: From here you will see a pop up with the heading “Import products from…” that has a few options including XCart, LiteCommerce and CSV and for the purposes of today’s article we will use the CSV option.  Select “Comma” as the type of delimiter you want to use and choose the file from step 1.

Step 4: Click the “Import” button at the bottom of this pop up.  Doing this will then import the products and any new categories into ecwid.

Step 5: Lastly, if you want to check the success of the import click on the “See Details” link and this will show you how many products were added, how many images were added, how many images failed to upload and how many existing products were updated.  You should be able to see any new products below in the list view of products you have available in ecwid.

Importing products into ecwid is a very easy way to get the content built for your ecommerce website quickly and manage it gives you the ability to manage your ecwid ecommerce store like a pro!


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