How to Import Products into WP E-commerce for WordPress

Ever since I first installed and configured WP E-commerce I’ve really liked the usability that it offers its users.  This plugin uses CSV (Comma Separated Value) files to help you import product related information in a way that makes it quicker and easier to create ecommerce website product catalogues.  I wanted to show you just how easy it is to import product information when you use this plugin for managing your ecommerce website so let’s have a look at how you can do this.

Step 1: Create a CSV file with columns for the following fields…

Description, Additional Description, Product Name, Price, SKU, weight, weight unit, stock quantity, is limited quantity

Free Download: Please feel free to download and use the CSV file I created here and use it on your next import into WP E-commerce

Step 2: After you’ve added the product information that you want to bring into your WP E-commerce based store go to the “Settings” section on the left side navigation, select the “Store” link (which is the link to your WP E-commerce store and click on the “Import” option which will show a browse button that you can use to find the CSV file for importing.

Step 3: The next thing you will need to do is to select if you want the products that are created during the import to be marked as “Publish” or “Draft”.  As a best practice, mark these products as “Draft” so that you can review them first before publishing them live to your ecommerce website.  See the screenshot below as a reference as to the field I am talking about

Step 4: The next thing you will need to do is map the fields similar to the way that you see below…

Step 5: Click the import button and select the category you want the products to appear in.  Now if you’ve got a number of products in different categories you may want to do an import for the products in each category to get around the fact that you can only select one category per CSV import

Step 6: Go to your products and you will see these products you’ve created in there with the status as “Draft”.

The import option for WP E-commerce is very useful but some of the limitations regarding performing imports and the fact that you cannot include product pictures in the CSV file import may put you off of using this functionality offered by the WP E-commerce plugin but if you can get around this you can save yourself a lot of time and effort when it comes to adding products to your ecommerce website.


  1. says

    Thanks for the article. Good stuff. Was wondering if you have heard of anybody being able to get around that whole product image thing. I’ve got 700+ products to import for a client, and arg! What a tricky lil thing. Hoping to get out of paying the 100 bucks for another plugin that may be able to perform the thing.. but eh. We will see.

  2. says

    Hey Molly,

    The only way that you might be able to get around it would involve a mass upload of product images, exporting the mySQL DB, updating the DB with the paths to those images and importing the newly updated DB. Just off the top of my head you might be able to do this as a workaround. Its more “labor-intensive” but could work for what you need to do. Talk soon Molly,


  3. Kevin B says

    I have Gold Card and the most up to date version of WP ECommerce and I am attempting to bulk upload some products. I assign the QTY to each and after I upload I look at the Stock and its all N/A.

    I saw on your image above you have Column 9 which make the product limited so the stock value sticks. Is that a custom plugin or how do I add that?

  4. says

    Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for writing about this. Sounds like a pretty good project you are involved in. It should be standard actually. Perhaps have a look at the settings for the WP E-commerce plugin as it might be one of those settings that makes this column work. I hope that helps Kevin,


  5. Dave says

    Hi Luc

    I followed the steps on your guide, even used your spreadsheet – but the import won’t work for me. Once I press Import there’s a few seconds’ pause then a message comes up saying Setting Saved but nothing else.

    Do you have any idea what’s happening?



  6. says

    Hi Luc,

    I have the same problem as Dave above. (I press Import there’s a few seconds’ pause then a message comes up saying Setting Saved but nothing else.)
    Any ideas??
    all the best,

  7. Marty says

    I have wp e-commerce, the instruction works fine, but you’ll have to remove the first line in the Luc’s csv file as the import function imports all rows, or trash the ‘Product Name !’ entry from your products admin page afterwards. Also could be handy to change the order of the columns in the csv file to ProductName, Description, AdditionalDescription, Price, SKU, Weight, WeightUnit, StockQuantity, StockQuantity Limit. Than you don’t have to change the ‘Belongs to’ columns.

  8. says

    I have a website that sells shoes with variations of sizes and colors. Do you have a recommendation for mass product uploads? My current developer says its impossible. Does this recommendation work for a site that has variations on its products?

  9. says

    Hi Azalea,

    My recommendation only works for standard products currently but regardless there should be a way to do this either by customizing the CSV file to include these files or by going directly to the database to upload and import these product variations. Hope that helps Azalea and let me know if you need help with this,


  10. says

    Hi Luc,
    Been trying to set up wpec store on my blog, and trying to utiilize csv product upload. I am not a programmer, just an old guy with a wine shop and a blog, and don’t know what to make of this error message when I try to upload the csv file:

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(/ [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in / on line 126

    Would appreciate your thoughts, thanks very much, this is way out of my league…thanks!

  11. says

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for reaching out to me about your question. I found a resource that highlights what I think might be causing your issue…

    Basically it looks like you don’t have the folder permissions to. I would check to see what version of WP ecommerce your website is running on and if its not the most current than update it and test it again. I hope that helps but not if please feel free to contact me. Thanks Rich,


  12. says

    Hi Luc,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to look at this. I am running the latest version of wpec (, so no help there. For what it’s worth, the line in question seems to be:

    if ( move_uploaded_file( $file['tmp_name'], WPSC_FILE_DIR . $file['name'] ) ) {
    set_transient( ‘wpsc_settings_tab_import_file’, $file_path );
    return array( ‘step’ => 2 );

    Is this something I can fix via cpanel, or need to be done at server level? Thanks again, it is great to have some guidance on this, deeply appreciated.


  13. says

    Does this plugin still work? I’m switching host and CMS platforms and it seems there are no working product import plugins for WP E-commerce. I see recent correspondence making it appear to still be working. If this plugin does indeed work, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

  14. says

    Hey guys and gals,

    Just for your information I just tested this CSV file with WP e-Commerce version running WordPress 3.5 and it works beautifully. Just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks


  15. says

    Nice to know it can be done. I still get the same error mentioned above. What are your permission settings on wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/settings-tabs/import.php ?

    Or, any other insights for the php-challenged about the error message:
    if ( move_uploaded_file( $file['tmp_name'], WPSC_FILE_DIR . $file['name'] ) ) {
    set_transient( ‘wpsc_settings_tab_import_file’, $file_path );
    return array( ‘step’ => 2 )

  16. says

    Thank you very much for posting this article and even more so for the sample template. We are just now learning the ropes with WPeC and this is a big help. One thing that I am having trouble figuring out are the product images. In our case we have the URL’s that the images, (Engine Gasket Sets) on our master .csv file. I am not sure if I have to go to each one and save in folder and them upload to WPeC or if there is a way to do so in the .csv file to import in WPeC. Thanks, Again… Scott

  17. says

    I had the same issue. I fixed my issue by taking the url in the error message
    my url looks more like
    I replaced the WPSC_FILE_DIR with my url and I was not getting the error anymore.

    So my import.php on line 120 now looks like…
    public function callback_submit_options() {
    if ( isset( $_FILES['csv_file'] ) && isset( $_FILES['csv_file']['name'] ) && ($_FILES['csv_file']['name'] != ”) ) {
    ini_set( ‘auto_detect_line_endings’, 1 );
    $file = $_FILES['csv_file'];
    $file_path = ‘/homepages/##/####/htdocs/downtoearth/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/’ . $file['name'];

    if ( move_uploaded_file( $file['tmp_name'], ‘/homepages/##/####/htdocs/downtoearth/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/’ . $file['name'] ) ) {
    set_transient( ‘wpsc_settings_tab_import_file’, $file_path );
    return array( ‘step’ => 2 );

  18. says

    I m using this plugin and step for csv import as mention below, want to remove 3rd step its manually and time taking.

    1st : import csv
    2nd: upload downloadable file ebooks trhough ftp
    3rd: now create link those file one by one. Its take lot of time.

    Is any plugin or any process where can insert ebooks name into csv and save lot of time

  19. Ella says

    Hi, I am trying to import the products but when I get to the mapping bit I have only column1. What am i doing wrong? Can you help?

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