How to Integrate MailChimp into WordPress

MailChimp is a great email marketing software that allows you to do a lot of email marketing for your personal blog or business website.  There are a number of great WordPress plugins that allow you to extend MailChimp into WordPress.

Today i wanted to talk about how you can go about integrating MailChimp into your WordPress website but before we get started there is one thing that you will need to do other than signing up for a MailChimp account in order to use MailChimp plugins on your WordPress website.  You will need to create a list in your MailChimp account first and once you’ve created a list in your MailChimp account you will generate an API Key which most plug-ins developed for use with WordPress require to interface with MailChimp.  In order to generate the API Key in MailChimp just do the following when you are logged into your MailChimp account…


Once you click on “API Keys & Info” you will see the following information needed to generate the key…


Now we can get to the “fun” part where we integrate it with one of the many MailChimp plugins available for WordPress today.  For the purposes of this article I’ve decided to use the MailChimp Widget plugin for WordPress because its one of the best that i’ve been able to find to date and its easy to use.

Now assuming you’ve taken the steps above to find your MailChimp API key, these next steps should be fairly easy to complete and get MailChimp working on your WordPress website.

1. When you login into your WordPress website go to the heading labelled “Plugins”

2. Click on the “Add New” button by the heading “Manage Plugins”

3. Next, search for the term “MailChimp Widget” created by “James Lafferty”

4. Lastly, activate the plugin and install it and then go to “Settings” on the left side navigation menu of your WordPress Dashboard and click on “MailChimp Widget” where you will insert the MailChimp API key that you collected in the previous steps in MailChimp.  The screen view for the API key should look similar to the following…


This wraps up the activation and installation portion of this article.  Now its time for the fun stuff, implementing the MailChimp Widget on your WordPress website.

1. The first thing that you are going to do after activating and installing the plugin is go to “Widgets” under the “Appearance” tab on your left side navigation menu in WordPress.

2. Next drag and drop the “MailChimp Widget” into the “Sidebar” area.

3. Configure the settings of this widget by clicking the “expand” arrow and find the MailChimp email list you want to use with this Widget and select it and click “Save”.  The MailChimp Widget once you’ve dragged and dropped into the sidebar area will look similar to the screenshot below.


4. Finally you should see the newly created widget on your WordPress site ready to collect people’s email addresses




  1. James Lafferty says

    Thanks for mentioning the plugin, Luc, and for your flattering assessment of its quality. If you or your readers have any suggestions for improvements or additional features you feel are missing, please do let me know, as it’s still under active development. I feel like one of the strengths of the plugin is its simplicity, so I’m not going to incorporate every feature someone suggests, but I feel like it’s really good to know what people are thinking about.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Luc Arnold says

    Hi James!

    No worries about mentioning the plugin, its a really great all around MailChimp plugin. I did like the simplicity of the plugin and if anyone has any improvements or suggestions to make i’ll let you know. Thanks again and talk soon James,

    Luc Arnold

  3. says

    great article Luc, best of the bunch I surfed. I got mine working, using the plug-in though I do wish one could just use the mailchimp design templates and paste that code into a WP text widget. the mailchimp WP plugin template seems to be more limited. For example, did you have to manipulate any CSS code to make the design work? Your screenshots of the form (above) and your subscr form below are nice and clean looking. Maybe its my paid WP theme that is limiting my design choices. My form does not left justify the fields, forces me to offer txt, html or mobile versions, etc, and I cant seem to change these. Does your Genesis theme cause you this same grief? Would love to know if you did a work around or whether is my problem child theme that is challenging me?

  4. says

    Hi Kent,

    I actually did a lot of CSS styling on the form because the basic ones that are provide don’t meet my needs. Its really something that is only helped with custom coding unfortunately. Even the one on my site is pulled from mailchimp but customized by me. Let me know if you have any questions Kent and thanks for the interest in the site! This is why i do what I do ;)

    Luc Arnold

  5. says

    Hi luc, great article seeing as I’m a beginner it helps a lot. What i am trying to do is have a signup on sidebar for a newsletter. once signed up we need the name to be emailed to our email and a auto response asking to check the recipient to check their email for confirmation and if it is in spam to check sender as safe.

    so my questions are: do i need an email list to attach?
    can i set up an autorespond?
    Tks for any light you can shed for this newby.

  6. says

    Hi jo-ann,

    Regarding your questions about MailChimp….

    do i need an email list to attach?
    - Yes you need to create an email list first

    can i set up an autorespond?
    - Yes you can set this up in MailChimp as well. Shouldn’t be an issue

    All the best to you in configuring it on your site,


  7. says

    Hey Luc,
    Thanks for sharing the awesome tip and plugin with us here.
    I want ask from you one thing that the default form which plugins displays at sidebar is not very good and it’s too simple.

    Can I customize it also?

  8. says

    Hey Ehsan!

    Very welcome! Yes you can customize what appears in the sidebar from the default form. With enough coding anything is possible!


  9. says

    I have purchased the basic domain from wordpress. I followed your blog to intergrate mailchimp with wordpress but I do not see any pluggins anywhere in the admin dashboard. I have dowloaded the mailchimp widget that you mentioned on my local hard drive but now I am stuck. Can you please help me. My site is


  10. Malene says


    Thanks for the great guide.
    But still I cant gået it to work

    When I’ve pressed the “save” button nothing happens ón my website:

    Hope anyone Can help me fast?:-)

    Best regards Malene, Denmark

  11. Malene says


    I have problems with the mailchimp widget.
    When I move it to my left sidebar, choose list and then “save”
    Nothing happens ón my website?

    Any ideas?


    I nede help fast:-)
    Best regards Malene

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